Shield yourself ⭐️💫🌟✨ You can shield yourself in various colors of light, depending upon your intention.⭐️💫🌟✨ know that your intention to surround yourself with this light won’t be denied. Anyone who asks will receive, without exception (although the ego sometimes tries to convince us otherwise, and please don’t listen to that voice!). The different colors include the following: — White light: This invokes the angels around you to surround you without interruption. The angels protect you, and they ensure that you’re safe and guarded. — Pink light: This is the light to invoke if you’re with a negative person who’s obsessed with their problems. The pink light sends loving energy outward toward everyone who talks with you, and simultaneously sends loving energy inward toward yourself. Nothing can permeate this pink shield except loving thoughts and energies. —Emerald green light: See or feel yourself surrounded by this light whenever you want to heal some imbalance in your physical body. Your body absorbs this light wherever it needs healing energy. — Purple light: Imagine yourself shrouded in royal purple light, which elevates your spiritual frequency, enabling you to rise above problems and contact the highest level of Divine guidance. Purple light also bounces away any lower energies, entities, or earthbound spirits. — Rainbow light: See or feel yourself wearing a coat of rainbow stripes, which boosts your ability to conduct energy healing work on yourself or others. You can shield yourself in layers of multicolored light if you choose, in order to invoke all of the beneficial effects of the various colors. For instance, you can visualize a triple layer of light, with white light first for angelic energy, followed by a layer of emerald green light for healing, and then purple light to elevate your consciousness to the highest truth. You can also use shielding to protect your loved ones, your home, your vehicles, your city or country, and the world. Just use the same methods in order to envision those people, objects, places, or areas surrounded by healing light. Realms of the E

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