The 4 Clairs | Psychic Abilities

The main types of psychic abilities are what we call the clairs. These are the ways in which we receive intuitive guidance. In the physical world we receive information in many different ways.  For example, if I wanted to invite you to a party I could:

  • call you on the phone
  • send you a text message
  • send you an email

No matter how you received the information, the end result is the same – you are informed about the party. It’s the same with our intuitive gifts. You can receive psychic messages in many different ways.   We call these the clairs:  clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

With a little practice, anyone can learn how to tap in and strengthen their psychic abilities  .  Even you, of course!

1)    Claircognizance- claircognizance simply refers to an unexplainable ability to know information that is not logically available.  For instance, a claircognizant person might just ‘know’ how to conduct a healing or might simply ‘know’ exactly an event that has just passed or is soon to come to pass without any hints or outward evidence.  This is an ability that indicates a person’s ability to tap into what we call the Akashic Records- or the timeless collective memory of everything that has ever been. A common example of claircognizance is when you know a loved one needs you even if they are far away or you know who is calling when the phone rings before you ever pick up.
2)    Clairvoyance- clairvoyance is the heightened ability to ‘see’ or in other words, the capability to receive visual information that is not physically accessible by normal standards of perception.  This extra sense may be commonly experienced in meditation experiences- when the mind is clear and focused.  Often times a clairvoyant person may see people, images, colors, symbols, or other visual data that communicates information important to one’s life or the life of someone close to the person receiving that information.  For instance, you may see in your mind an image of beautiful necklace, and then when you open a gift box it is that same necklace inside.
3)    Clairaudience- clairaudience is the ability to receive extrasensory information through sound.  Some may refer to these sounds as being ‘inside your head’ while others may understand that we live in an extremely complex and infinitely layered universe full of many dimensions.  Because existence is rich in multidimensionality, it could be understood that many sounds a clairaudient person hears are just as ‘real’ as the more commonly heard sounds, just that they are outside the frequency range of most people.  Either way you look at it, clairaudience allows a person to receive guidance or input through sound or voices.  So whereas a clairvoyant might ‘see’ the state a person far away is in, a clairaudient may ‘hear’ a voice dictating the information.

4)    Clairsentience- clairsentient people are able to perceive extrasensory information through their emotions and sensations.  This is a gift or psychic ability closely related to those of an empath.  This type of person easily picks up on and even inadvertently absorbs the emotional states of those around them.  This is the type individual who meets you for the first time on a public train, takes one look at you, and can deeply feel that you are sad today and perhaps even exactly why.

Psychic senses are perfectly normal to have and experience, and the incidence of their expression on the planet is definitely on the rise as more and more people wake up.  Which one or ones of these do you feel you most naturally experience